In 1915, a young Danish mechanic named Palle Hoff Wodschow founded the business that would go on to become world renowned for being ‘Strong as a Bear’. The focus then was on mixers for professional users, and it is still the same today. Mixers embodying the strength and expertise that result from this specialisation. The bear continues to be used as the trade mark and symbol for over 100 years of Danish craftsmanship, quality and ground-breaking design and function.


You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it. Varimixer makes solid gear, designed to last for years. Mixers that can handle hard work, every day, in bakeries, kitchens, food production lines and the pharmaceutical industry. For production on any scale.

It is mixers built on a tradition of good craftsmanship and a unique idea – whereby the tools rotate around their own axis, at the same time as being driven in a circular motion in the bowl, like planets around the sun. This means that the entire mixture in the bowl is worked, and all points along the bowl sides are reached.

It is a tradition of innovation. A tradition of product development based on in-depth knowledge of the needs and daily routines of users, and user-driven innovation at the cutting edge. The result is professional mixers that take responsibility for ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning.

Danish design and quality. With hand-picked, well-educated and professional distributors all over the world, to guarantee complete satisfaction before, during and after installation

How it all started in 1915. A 15-litre whipping, beating and kneading machine

Varimixer is not mass production. It is the work of people. No conveyor belt, but around 60 experienced craftsmen at the Copenhagen plant build each mixer by hand with professional pride. The same employee has responsibility for the process from start to finish. Aided by the latest, flexible production technology and century-old values: Reliability. Responsibility. Honesty.


There are machines that were designed for a specific purpose decades ago, like a hand-operated machine for each bend in the whip wire or dough hook. There are the latest flexible robots, working unmanned around the clock to make elements from the very best materials, with precision.

And then there are the employees, who have been building mixers for years. Tradesmen with personal commitment, professional pride and a strong feeling of responsibility for what many people call the world’s best mixer.

Strong words, which might seem easy to say. Without substance the words would be without value, but when they correspond to real life experiences – they represent a value that makes a company very strong.

Strong as a bear.