Improved meat mincer - 62 mm

With knife and 4,5 mm disc

The meat mincer for Teddy and Kodiak10 has now been upgraded in the internal components to deliver a better mincing result and a more durable construction. 

The meat mincer is now more user friendly and will not cause excessive wear on the attachment hub inside the mixer. Normally you would have to tighten the
spindle and then loosen it by a quarter turn, to have the correct pressure between the four bladed knife and the cutting disc. 

This new version has an innovative internal suspension washer, that automatically adjusts to the correct pressure no matter how hard you tighten the spindle. 

As always, the meat mincer is in cast stainless steel and is dishwasher proof.

Overview of the combinations

Meat mincer combinations


Meat mincer combinations


Our 70 mm meat mincer is discountinued

Earlier used for 10L and
20L – 80L models – via an intermediate bearing

82 mm
Meat mincer

Can be used for all 20L to 80L models