The legendary Varimixer AR series meets the requirements for rugged, powerful 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100-litre mixers. It boasts infinitely variable speed and a unique ergonomic and time-saving mechanism that lowers, raises and locks the bowl in place in an automatic movement, making operation of even the largest machines quite simple. There are many options for customisation to special requirements.


Whether you need to beat, whip or knead, there is likely to be a Varimixer AR that is perfect for the job. For medium-sized bakeries or commercial kitchens, or large-scale food production.

The speed is variably controlled by a very rugged system of belts, rather than gears. This solution means that the mixer does not contain oil, thus avoiding the risk of oil spilling into the bowl.

Simply place the bowl between the two arms, and it can be lowered, raised and locked in place in a single smooth movement. No heavy manual lifting. Varimixer AR 30-80-litre models come with either manual speed control and bowl raising and lowering using a lever, or automatic control using the machine’s intuitive display. In the 100-litre Varimixer AR these functions are automatic.

The AR series comes as standard with fixed safety guards made of CE marked and EU-approved plastic, with a chute that allows ingredients to be added during operation. But the machine is also available with a detachable plastic guard, or a fixed or detachable stainless steel guard.

Smaller bowls and matching tools are available for all models, so that smaller batches can be produced using the large machines. Two sizes in one increases versatility.

AR40 and AR60 are available in a special pizza version with an extra powerful motor that can easily handle 32 and 46 kg pizza dough, respectively, with 50 per cent dry matter.

The Varimixer AR30, 40, 60 and 80 can also be fitted with an attachment drive for meat mincers and vegetable slicers.

Varimixer AR is also available in white and in stainless steel – and in a stainless steel marine version that meets the USPHS requirements. The models 60 litres and above in size can be supplied with a waterproof mixing head, so that the entire machine can be hosed down during cleaning.

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