With the Varimixer ERGO 60, 100 and 140-litre models, it is not necessary to detach the tools when lowering or removing the bowl and replacing it with the next batch. The process is controlled from the ergonomically designed angled display – with no heavy lifting or awkward working positions. A process that saves time and money and increases productivity.

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ERGO Serie - 60, 100 and 140 Litre

  • Ergonomic operation
  • Bowl with bowl detection
  • Separate removal of bowl and tools
  • Efficient continuous production
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Can be washed in accordance with IP53
  • Detachable safety guard


  • Waterproof stainless steel planetary head
  • Seal at back panel
  • Seal at top panel
  • Water ingress protection at vent


  • Stainless steel
  • Meets the USPHS standards
  • Meets the IP53 standards
  • Extra protection against water ingress
  • Available for special power supply


These are mixers to handle large-scale needs – for production contexts where time and efficiency translate into a lot of money. Where hygiene requirements demand easy and extremely effective cleaning. Production where many different employees need to be able to operate the machine without having received instructions. Employees who avoid strenuous lifting and working positions, because Varimixer ERGO has a ground-breaking ergonomic design.

Raising the height of the mixer has made room for the bowl to be lowered enough to come free of the tool. This means that the bowl can be removed and a new one wheeled in without having to remove the tool. All work at Varimixer ERGO is done with a straight back. There is unhindered access to changing tools at the correct ergonomic working height.

Two arms lock the bowl in place, raise it to the mixing position and then lower it again. No manual lifting. The machine can only be started when the bowl is in place. Sensors in the arms ensure this. It is not necessary to watch the mixing process. When the time is up, the control system lowers the bowl, so the tools can drip off directly into the bowl.

The detachable safety guard is made of CE-certified plastic and is easy to attach and dishwasher safe. Varimixer ERGO can also be fitted with a sealed stainless steel guard which protects against dust and splashing.

Choose between variable speed control, fixed speeds or up to 24 programs with their own processes. All operations are controlled from the intuitive, angled touch control panel. The panel is easy to clean and is dustproof and waterproof.

The general design caters for optimum hygiene and easy cleaning. The standard models can be washed in line with the IP53 standard. By fitting a waterproof stainless steel mixer head and other modifications, the ERGO series can be upgraded to IP54, so the entire machine can be hosed down.


Ergonomic Waterproof Workflow

IP53 Protection
  • Can be washed
  • Easy to clean
  • No gaps
  • Gain high level of hygiene
Intuitive touch panel
  • Lowering the bowl down
  • Time and speed setting
  • Favourite buttons for recipes
  • 24 recipe programs available
Bowl lowering
  • Bowl with bowl detection
  • Ergonomic workflow
  • Easy to operate
  • No heavy lift
Tool attachment
  • Remove ergonomically by two hands
  • Self-locking bayonet


Stainless steel bowl with handles & bowl arm fitting


Stainless steel dough hook


Stainless steel flat beater, available in aluminum


3 mm stainless steel wires, optional


Stainless steel wing whip, optional


Downsized stainless steel bowl, optional


Bowl scraper with nylon blade, optional


Accommodates 60-140 liter bowls, optional

VL-5 Control panel

Touch panel to operate:
ERGO60 · ERGO100 · ERGO140


  • Auto switch to large time counter
  • Lowering the bowl up and down via the arrows on the screen
  • Direct time setting by pressing the clock
  • Favourite buttons for quick start of selected recipe
  • 24 programs available
  • Programming can be done on the control panel
  • Programming can be done on a PC with subsequent upload to the machine using USB
  • Readout of operating data on panel or for download via USB
  • USB connector on the machine for uploading recipes
  • USB connector on machine for up-download of machine log
  • Optional PIN code protection of recipes
  • Access to operating instructions and video instructions via QR codes
  • Language selection of control panel

Varimixer – ERGO Series – Update the VL5 control panel software via USB
With IP65 cover protection

The back panel of the ERGO Serie

The USB input has a IP65 protection to gain a waterproof workflow

ERGO - Next generation - New functions

  • New self-lubricating lifting motor for a service free extended lifetime.
  • Extended bayonet system for increased contact surface area with the mixing tools. This will reduce wear on both bayonet and mixing tools and extend their lifetime
  • USB service port for fast and secure software upgrades, recipe downloads, workload data history and much more.
  • All new VL-5 control panel with multilingual screen, individual interfaces, recipes and control options. Direct access to online user- and service manuals.
  • Environment friendly produced Every detail, from the choice of IE3 motor to recyclable packing and the total lifetime expectancy of this product, has been carefully evaluated to minimize the environmental impact of this product line.
Varimixer ERGO 60
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