Very simple to operate, no heavy lifting and recipient of the Kitchen Innovations Award for the most hygienic mixer on the market. KODIAK is the result of a design process in which professional users helped to create the ideal mixer, that meets the daily demands and challenges.

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Pure white

KODIAK SERIE - 10, 20 and 30 Litre. 
Floor or table edition.

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Bowl with bowl detection
  • No lifting required – thanks to the high trolley
  • Patented magnetic detachable safety guard
  • Scraper holder included
  • Wider bowl, offering greater visibility
  • Four height-adjustable feet
  • Meets the IP44 standards
  • Extra protection against water ingress
  • Single phase 230 V


For over six months, designers and engineers observed work in 25 different kitchens and bakeries. With a focus on working positions, heavy lifting and moving, cleaning and hygiene, they studied the routines before, during and after the mixing processes. The result is a 10, 20 and 30-litre mixer which sets new standards for how easy the work can be. You do not have to read a manual in order to operate KODIAK. Set the time and speed. Press start and stop. It’s that simple, and everything is controlled at an ergonomic working height from the angled control panel.

No more heavy lifting. The bowl is stable and seated on a tall bowl trolley, which is wheeled in under the mixer for beating and kneading operations. The bowl is locked in place, raised and lowered in a single movement using the ergonomically designed handle on the side of the machine.

The bowl can be wheeled directly to and from the machine at worktop height, where it can be tipped, making it easy to remove the contents. The bowl is seated securely in a rubber ring during movement.

The operator can observe the mixing in the bowl through the patented clear polycarbonate safety guards. Hot ingredients can be added by using the detachable silicone filling chute which can handle very hot ingredients, such as melted sugar etc. The guard is held in place by magnets, which also act as safety cut-offs – the machine will not run if the guard has not been attached. The working height has been raised, and the sides of the upper part of the machine slope inwards to increase the field of view of the bowl. The bowl and the tools have also been widened. This increases the speed and saves time.

KODIAK runs on 230 volts and can therefore be connected to a normal power outlet.

The National Restaurant Association granted KODIAK the Kitchen Innovation Award in 2015, recognising that KODIAK was the most innovative mixer on the market.

KODIAK is also available in a marine version, with special protection against water ingress, and from 2018, Varimixer KODIAK can be cleaned in line with the IP44 standard.


Designed By Users

Tool attachment
Easy self-locking bayonet

Control Panel
Simple operation

Bowl lowering
Easy to operate

Hygienic surfaces
Easy to clean – IP44

Magnetic safety guard
Easy to detach / attach



Stainless steel bowl with handles & bowl arm fitting


Stainless steel dough hook


Stainless steel flat beater, available in aluminum


Stainless steel whip – 30 Litre


Stainless steel whip – 20 Litre


Stainless steel whip – 10 Litre


Bowl scraper with nylon blade, optional


Accommodates 20-30 l. bowls, optional

Varimixer KODIAK 10 table model 10-litre
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Varimixer KODIAK 10 floor model 10-litre
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Varimixer KODIAK 20 table model 20-litre
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Varimixer KODIAK 20
floor model 20-litre
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Varimixer KODIAK 30
floor model 30-litre
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KODIAK series video
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