Special versions

The hand-built and flexible production of Varimixers makes it possible to fulfil special requirements and needs. This includes the development and production of mixers that meet the conditions for use at sea, and strict and special requirements for hygiene and cleaning.

Varimixer Marine

Mixers on ships and oil rigs have to meet special requirements. The power supply is different, and the requirements to protect the internals from water are more strict. The same is true of the requirements for hygiene and easy cleaning. Varimixer meets these requirements with Marine versions of all mixers from 10 to 200 litres in capacity.

Varimixer Marine is made of stainless steel and fulfils the IP44 standard. The machines are protected against water ingress – even at the vent – and unslotted screws and easy-to-clean surfaces and design ensure optimum hygiene. The machines stand on fully welded stainless steel legs, which can be affixed to the floor.

Varimixer Industrial

Varimixer mixers above 60 litres in size can be supplied with a fully waterproof stainless steel mixing head. For the Varimixer ERGO series, this functionality can be extended with further protection measures, such that the machines fulfil the conditions in the IP54 standard. This means that Varimixer very likely sells the world’s most hygienic and easy-to-clean mixer.

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