The best mixers for bakeries

The commercial mixer is one of the most important tools in a bakery. With the right mixer you get exactly the consistency and quality you want in your product. Furthermore, a good mixer saves you time so you can use your hands for other tasks.

Varimixer has been developing heavy-duty mixers for bakeries for more than 100 years. Our planetary mixers are recognized worldwide for their quality and durability. They are reliable, easy to clean and designed for correct operating positions. Thanks to ergonomically designed high trolleys, bowls can be wheeled directly to the baker’s table at worktop height, where it can be tipped, making it easy to remove the contents.

Robust and flexible

Modern bakeries produce a wide range of products – from different varieties of white bread to rye bread, cakes, biscuits, muffins and pies. Our bakery mixers allow you to mix all types of dough, batter, icing and cream. With the addition of extra tools, they can also be used to slice vegetables, chop meat and grate cheese, offering more options for the innovative bakery.

80 years of service. A hard-working cream whipper is one of the oldest and most respected “employees” at La Glace – one of Denmark’s most famous patisseries. Every day the vintage Varimixer turns 100 liters of cream into airy whipped cream. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning-friendly equipment is the most effective way to good bakery hygiene and safe food. Our hygienic mixers are designed to improve productivity and reduce your maintenance costs. Varimixer was the worlds’ first manufacturer to produce mixers from easy-to-clean stainless steel. All our mixers are designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and no external screws or openings. Even the legs from the knee down to the floor are made in stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion that poses a potential health risk. All Varimixer models meet or exceed the recommended IP standards for commercial mixers.

Protect your staff from heavy lifting

Professional mixers from Varimixer help you comply with the highest standards of work safety in your bakery. Our mixers are safe to use and meet the daily demands for no heavy lifting, and our KODIAK and ERGO models are optimized for ergonomically correct operating positions.

A model for every type of bakery

You can choose between different models and sizes depending on the size of your bakery and the products you focus on.

Available in sizes up to 140 litres, the ERGO series is ideal for large-scale needs. Varimixer ERGO has a ground-breaking ergonomic design. All work is done with a straight back and unhindered access to changing tools at the correct ergonomic working height. Moreover, the bowl can be removed and a new one wheeled in without having to remove the tool.

Our AR series is especially suitable for medium sized bakeries. Our most popular models are the AR60 and the AR40, which have been chosen by thousands of bakeries since they were introduced. Both models are also available in a special pizza version with an extra powerful motor.

For the smaller bakery or cafe we recommend the KODIAK 20, which was granted the Kitchen Innovation Award in 2015 by The National Restaurant Association in USA. This mixer comes with an ergonomic high bowl trolley. No heavy lifting is needed when the bowl is wheeled directly to and from the machine at worktop height.

For small volume production of icing and creme we recommend the Varimixer TEDDY.

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