High-quality mixers for pizzerias

Dough is the foundation of a pizza. The secret behind perfect pizza dough is not only the ingredients, proper kneading is also essential. You need a powerful heavy duty and robust mixer that can process dough evenly at the right speed in order to change the molecular structure of the gluten.

Versatile and robust pizza mixers

Varimixer has been developing heavy-duty dough mixers for bakeries and pizzerias for more than 100 years. Unlike traditional spiral mixers, planetary mixers from Varimixer can help you process more than dough. They can also prep essential ingredients such as sauce, cheese and toppings. This makes them ideal for the cost-minded and innovative chef or pizzeria owner who seeks a high degree of flexibility.

Preferred by leading pizza chains

Pizzeria mixers from Varimixer are particularly suitable for smaller-volume pizzerias, where the dough is made locally and not in large batches in a central kitchen. The versatility allows the individual pizzeria operator to prepare dough, grind cheese, cut mushrooms and vegetables on the same machine. The trend towards do-it-all-locally is gaining ground. And today, several leading pizza chains all over the world rely on professional mixers from Varimixer to do the job.

Kneading dough is essential for the crust and bite of a pizza. That is why leading pizza chains all over the world rely on professional mixers from Varimixer to do the job.

Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning-friendly equipment is the most effective way to good kitchen hygiene and safe food. Our hygienic mixers are designed to improve productivity and reduce your maintenance costs. Varimixer was the worlds’ first manufacturer to produce mixers from easy-to-clean stainless steel. All our mixers are designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and no external screws or openings. Even the legs from the knee down to the floor are made in stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion that poses a potential health risk. All Varimixer models meet or exceed the recommended IP standards for commercial mixers.

Protect your staff from heavy lifting

A batch of pizza dough is heavy. Moving a bowl of dough from the mixer to the prepping table can be hard on the back.

With Varimixer Bowl Lifts, large batches can be transferred easily, without the need for heavy lifting. Some of our models (Kodiak and Ergo) are designed ergonomically to meet the daily demands for no heavy lifting. Thanks to ergonomically designed high trolleys, bowls can be wheeled directly to the prepping table at worktop height, where it can be tipped, making it easy to remove the contents.

What is the right mixer for your pizzeria?

Varimixer offers two versatile heavy-duty mixers from our succesful AR series which are optimized for pizzerias. Varimixer AR40 and AR60 are available in a special pizza version with an extra powerful motor that can handle additional volumes of pizza dough.

Both models come with either manual speed control and bowl raising and lowering using a lever, or automatic control using the machine’s intuitive display. They can be fitted with an attachment drive for meat mincers and vegetable slicers.

Smaller bowls and matching tools are available for all models, so that smaller batches can be produced using the large machines. Two sizes in one increase versatility.

Both models are compatible with Varimixer Bowl Lifts for easy and hassle-free transfer of dough between mixer and worktop.

AR40 data sheet
AR60 data sheet

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