The Mixer brand in Middleby

As a Middleby company Varimixer shares the vision of Innovation and Quality. For 106 years, we have specialized in making the world’s most advanced and reliable mixers for professional kitchens and bakeries.

Our planetary mixers are based on a unique idea – whereby the tools rotate around their own axis, at the same time as being driven in a circular motion in the bowl, like planets around the sun. This means that the entire mixture in the bowl is worked, and all points along the bowl sides are reached.

It is a tradition of innovation. A tradition of product development based on in-depth knowledge of the needs and daily routines of users, and user-driven innovation at the cutting edge. The result is professional mixers that take responsibility for ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning.

Taking Food and Work Safety to the next level

Professional mixers from Varimixer are designed to help restaurants and bakeries comply with the highest standards of hygiene and work safety.


Our key products for restaurants are TEDDY, KODIAK 10/20/30 and AR 30/40


Our key products for bakeries are TEDDY, AR 40/60 and ERGO


Our key products for pizzarias are AR 40/60

We also have solutions for Marine and Industrial applications.


Let’s do business together

As fellow Middleby companies, we share the same philosophy of world class foodservice solutions.
If we learn that a customer is also looking for products for cooking and warming, refrigeration, freezing or beverage solutions, we recommend our sister companies.
We hope you will also bring Varimixer to mind if a customer is looking for innovative mixers that can handle hard work, every day.


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