Upgraded frames:

For all powder coated mixers

Legs in stainless steel

Stainless steel legs under
the textured powder coating

Prevent rust on wet floors

For the customers who not choose the fully stainless steel frame, now have legs which can resist rust when standing on wet floors

Hygiene is key focus

We recognize our customers have high requirements for daily cleanability.


Varimixer is known for designing machines that last for decades

Improvement to gain better lifetime

In our continuous effort to improve the lifetime of our mixers, we have now fully added stainless steel legs to all our powder coated mixers.
This improvement is hidden under the white powder coating, and that will add a long and hygienic lifetime to the product.


Always Reliable
The legendary Varimixer AR series meets the requirements for rugged, powerful 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100-litre mixers. It boasts infinitely variable speed and a unique ergonomic and time-saving mechanism. 


Ergonomic Waterproof Workflow
60, 100 and 140-litre models. Ergonomically designed angled display – with no heavy lifting or awkward working positions.