Changing the game

Upgraded whip for AR40

Improved robust design

Two wires deliberately removed to gain:
Open space

For easy cleaning access

For easy handling

No broken wires

Wires made of solid stainless spring steel
– Never gets out of shape

Pains solved:

  • Solid design
  • Optimized workflow
  • Better life span

Fits to all existing
AR40 models

Whip for AR40 (As accessory)

Item no: AR40-28.3M

Offset wire geometry

Designed with the perfect space tolerance between the whip and the bowl. Gains higher turbulence to optimize all the volume of the food in the bowl and prevent waste.
Each wire is attached to a solid center joint to achieve a stronger construction.

The center axis

The bar as the fixed central inner core is attached to the solid center joint of the wires, makes the whip robust and staple of it’s shape to achieve a better life span.

Thinner and robust wires

Designed to achieve lighter foam. The solid spring stainless steel wires make this whip the solid solution, which never gets out of shape. No more broken or twisted wires and deformed shaped whips to prevent an offset contact bowl and whip between and wear and tear.


Always Reliable
The legendary Varimixer AR series meets the requirements for rugged, powerful 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100-litre mixers. It boasts infinitely variable speed and a unique ergonomic and time-saving mechanism.