Work Safety

Varimixer’s vision is to help make the professional kitchen or bakery a safe and healthy work environment. This vision is in the DNA of our product design. It’s based on a true outside in process – understanding customer needs worldwide.

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Ergonomic design by professionals

When we develop our mixers, the designers and engineers work in close collaboration with people who operate mixers on a daily basis. They study work routines before, during and after the mixing process, to identify room for improvement. The result is mixers that are safe to use and meet the daily demands for no heavy lifting and ergonomically correct operating positions.

All our heavy duty mixers are equipped with a detachable safety guard which is easy to clean and doubles as a safety cut-off. The patented safety guard is held in place by magnets and is easy to remove for cleaning.

Varimixer KODIAK has a built-in safety switch that monitors whether the safety equipment is fitted correctly. Varimixer is the only company in the world that complies with the EU EN454 safety standard. Learn more at

Varimixer ERGO has a ground-breaking ergonomic design that protects employees from heavy lifting and awkward working positions.

Varimixer collaborates with the renowned Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on the development of ideas and concepts that can improve ergonomics and work safety.

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Varimixer makes mixers built on a tradition of product development, based on in-depth knowledge of the needs and daily routines of users, and user-driven innovation at the cutting edge. See our products